Mediterranean Mist Hexagon Wax Melts

Mediterranean Mist Hexagon Wax Melts

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You will love these luxurious hexagon wax melts which is a lovely 6 ounces.  A typical wax melt box only holds 2.5 ounces.  All of our wax melts are made with our parasoy blend wax with our high quality phthlatate-free fragrance and essential oils.  Each melt is approximately one inch across.  Feel free to only use one scent at a time or enjoy by making your own blend by adding different scents from other wax melts.  They are the perfect size for you to come up with your own wonderful and custom blend.  Our wax melts make a lovely flameless option for your home fragrance needs.

The sweet yet salty oceanic scent is combined with notes of amber and vanilla.  This scent is a year round favorite due to it having hints of mystery and intrigue combined in this scent's seducing aroma.